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Your son or daughter will grow up and make the world a better place, but first, they have to be a child. While you’re spending your own time out in the world playing your part to make a difference, your child will need somewhere safe to grow and learn. Here at Small World Children’s Center, we provide parents across Riverton, WY, with exactly that. We’re committed to creating a fun, safe, and exciting environment where kids can enjoy their child care experience.

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Affordable Day Care Option

Life is already expensive enough; the last thing parents want is to overpay for child care services. The good news is that here at Small World Children’s Center, we do everything we can to keep our rates as affordable as possible while still providing the same great child care services. We want our center to be accessible to all families.

Early Education Opportunities

Education, in some form or another, starts from the day we’re born. Day care is just one more outlet for kids to receive guidance and assistance with necessary life skills. Surrounded by other children, each kid will be able to interact with others their age and learn vital social skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Skilled Staff Members

Your child will be cared for by the best in the business thanks to our highly qualified and skilled staff. Each member of our team is licensed and passionate about the work that we do in caring for children as they grow. We provide kids with one-on-one attention and ensure they feel valued while in our care.

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To learn more about the rates and possible discounts we offer on child care, get in touch today. Give us a call now to speak with a member of our team at Small World Children’s Center or to schedule a tour of our facility. 

(307) 851-6430